Arakawa Visitor Center aim to connect visitors to Arakawa. We try to provide an opportunity to think about Arakawa where environment of lush greenery and water courses, and how to hand down this place to posterity.

Our work

“Interpreter(nature and culture educator)” at the Center provides you all kinds of information about the Arakawa by using brochures and the internet.
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There are various types of exhibit such as history, human culture, nature of Arakawa in the center.

Displayed living creatures
We keep and display creatures that lives in Arakawa. For example, you can meet crabs, fish, turtles and snakes in the center.
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“Interpreter(nature and culture educator)” assist your experience and learning at Arakawa. We arrange programs for schools, volunteers and other groups.
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Arakawa no Mukashi wo Tutaeru Kai/Memory Keepers of Old Days of Arakawa
In several decades ago, people were more closely related with Arakawa. There were wooden bridge instead of concrete bridge and people were playing and swimming at the river. Sometimes people were faced flood disaster after typhoon. We manage the Memory keeper of Old Days of Arakawa to hands down the old memories of Arakawa to next generation.
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Kawa-bito Kousaten / Network of Arakawa citizen group
We establish a support system for groups of residents to communicate and perform. They coordinate some exhibitions and events related to Arakawa.

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Experience the Arakawa. We provide interpretive programs such as guided walk at the riverbed and events for elementary school students and preschooler.
For more details, please contact Adachi-ku Arakawa Visitor Center.
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“Interpreter(nature and culture educator)”at the Center

In our center, nature and culture educator are staying during opening hours. Please feel free to ask anything.